Things aint like they used to be…


8’ o clock lectures, late nights, sleepy yet excited, fun & fights, learning not just books but life…at least that’s what I knew life to be. Until one day I wake up its 12pm and I am still in bed thinking of how to kill another day…things aint like they used to be before.

As I sit alone at home each day, thinking of new ways to keep myself occupied, I finally find myself looking beyond the obvious…beyond the predictable…beyond reality. I form a world of my own. But gradually I think to myself if this is how I want to be?? Is this what life is meant to be?? Then I realize, things aint like they used to be before.

Then one day I find something so precious so pure. I feel nostalgic holding the piece of paper with memories inscribed on it. I suddenly go into flashback with a tear trickling down my smile. I know things aint like they used to be but that’s how how they are meant to be so that someday they can be cherished for what they used to be.