Color of the mind


Sometimes my heart is filled with remorse

Sometimes I feel maybe it’s my karma paying off

Is there a meter to measure fate?

Where all you need is to count three to clean the slate.


Sometimes my head functions like a song with no words

I can feel the tempo rising and then suddenly drop

If only I could pause or change the track

Or as per my convenience change the pace.


As I close my eyes it’s all red

Then figures take shape and blend into my thoughts

If thoughts could mould into reality

Fate would have different rules to the game.


My fingers seem restless whilst they comfort each other

It’s like a signal to my brain that flows through the nerves

Though the eyes respond first

Only if I could control my mind just as my eyes.


Just when I thought it was a perfect day to daze

Time to ponder over things that used to be

All of a sudden my smile rhymes with the thoughts in my head

And everything turns from red to green.


Color of the mind is hard to predict

It’s like an invisible chameleon running places

You can only see the surrounding and guess the change

While the color will remain unsaid…unseen…


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