Mind Your Doubt


I wish I had a recorder in my head to record my thoughts so that they don’t vanish. But then I wonder how does the music playing sing out my thoughts? How sometimes a person so close speaks my mind out before me? My thought process tunes to the pace of the song. The person talking makes my mind doubt.

As I drive through this city of blinding lights, observing each person twice and pace of the song slow, I wish I could capture the images, picture perfect to paint. My eyes my camera, but the thought later vanishes away leaving my mind in doubt.

As each drop of rain tips on me with calm winds combing my hair, I wish my head wouldn’t work at such a fast shutter speed. Because as I hit back to reality, the rush goes away, making me feel drowned in doubt.

Although my mind sends quick reactions to bilge and and traces every invisible action, I wish I could race through these senses. It gives me shivers, even hot chocolate making me cold and my mind still lingers with doubt.

The world is a viscous circle made of each others thoughts, where mankind imitates art and original art life. So as I sit here imitating my life, I appreciate that at least my writing archives my thoughts striking each doubt of my mind out.


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