The Warning Sign


I want to break the silence within me

Collecting words inside

Feeding my soul but it’s never enough

How can I let go of the emptiness that still remains.


I imagine a time that is yet to come

When I lie beside myself

It’s hard to think beyond the smoke

That encapsulates me in it.


There is a fire burning in my head

My heart filled with ashes of the remains

The stomach is crunching, making sounds to let go

While the feet just go with the flow.


It’s a warning sign which I never seem to understand

Annoying me so much I can’t think straight

Everywhere I go I wait for a moment that might change things

But  end up nowhere or the same state as always.


I lie between me and myself

A window opens up inside

The lines are clear, it’s either left or right

What if I want to go back or front and not be the one to pretend?


Where did I go wrong? Where did I turn?

I am standing still but still lost somewhere

How do I figure what I need? What is it that I want?

When life is drifting away to a place I don’t want to see.


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