Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary


We may walk the path of life alone.

We may watch the sunset alone.

We may eat all alone.

We may travel the seas alone.

We may feel safe alone.

We may be at the top alone.

We may watch the crowd standing alone.

We may fly all alone.

Although the truth is… it takes nothing to join the crowd but it takes everything to stand alone.

That moment…


When some unbelievable surprise puts a smile on your face,
Some person you didn’t ever think of calls you to trace,
You suddenly realize life is still worth living,
That every moment is precious and its all about giving.

When some random meeting turns worthwhile,
Some person you did not ever think of crossing over a night,
You suddenly realize all you did till now is actually required,
That any moment can make things alright.

When some conversation takes a new turn,
Some person gives you insights you did not think of,
You suddenly realize the value of honesty,
That each moment has something to add to life.

When some unexpected act gets you thinking,
Some person unknowingly teaches you the meaning of life,
You suddenly realize not to undermine anybody,
That every moment there is something to learn.

When some dream actually shapes up,
Some person unnoticed until then seems true,
You suddenly realize the irony of life,
That any moment is enough to get what you really want.

When some thought gets stuck in the mind,
Some person reads it without saying a word,
You suddenly realize that you’re not alone,
That each moment is not just your own.

While we all wait for the moment to come,
For that one person to complete the undone,
Then you suddenly realize that it was right there all the while,
That the moment is nothing but every second of life.

Somewhere down the memory lane


A white line…a road…a tree and me in between, the Sophia’s lane is one that carries numerous memories. The glamour, the irreplaceable bonds, the make ups, the break ups, the fun and laughter echoing, the discussions blaring, the nonstop dramatic ‘encounters’, chais and suttas sending us back to sanity, every step has a story which is impossible to define in words.

As I sit there and look up through the leaves at the starry sky, the buildings covering the moonlight, I notice the time fading away with each night. We could spend hours pondering over nothing, yet creating memories with everything. It is like a bonding magnet, where stories are told, retold and remembered. That’s when you realize it’s not the end but the start of something unknown.

Here, no one felt big or small, rich or poor, pretty or ugly. We were all synonymous, we were all akin. Requesting anna to one last cup of cutting, bartering with kakka to let go off one rupee a cigarette, demanding the bhaiya to make the bhel puri a little spicier while eating away plain papadis for free. Here, the nerds, the snobs, the chillers, the losers, the populars, the loud speakers, the preachers, the timid all got together, each grabbing the back of a different car to perch. Here, there were no rules, no limits, no discrimination, no isolation, only an inconspicuous connection that joint you to everybody with ease.

Even now, looking back at the times when stories and chatters continued indefinitely, remembering the times spent together endlessly, talking about the times to each other incessantly, we still don’t tire. But as I squeeze each memory from the past I wonder, is nostalgia just a state of mind or is it a state of life predefined.

The Glass Door


While art imitates life and life imitates art, the beauty of life doesn’t lie in the beauty alone. Only when you can find it even in the most unattractive things in life, you know you are a true connoisseur of the art of life.

Ever looked at an open refrigerator and discovered the symbiosis between habit, lifestyle and life. There is story to tell in every shelf, a mystery unravelling in every compartment. Its like an open door departmentalizing people into who they want to be and who they truly are.

We tend to build a glass door as a facade, where the only people who can open are the ones who can see it. A protective shield, that fights all the unwanted bacteria in our lives. But once the door is shattered, it gets difficult to reframe.

How sometimes unexpectedly, not realizing the perishablity, we store certain things and let it rot within. Until one day, it spoils everything else inside and that’s how long we take to realize. At times this gives us a chance to clear everything, throw it all in the bin and start fresh. At times it just remains empty till someone else comes and fills it again.

As we wait there looking through this glass door there comes a time when we realize that all we need to do is open it and arrange it the way we like. But we need to realize that sometimes we have to let go off the stale, go out and get new things to survive.

The Super Sweet Blogging Award – Merci beaucoup!


The Super Sweet Blogging Award

It makes me very happy to receive my first blogging award. Thank you Tina for the nomination, it really means a lot to me. It has motivated me write more and share more thoughts with everyone. Also, the opportunity to motivate others and spread smiles by nominating 13 of my fellow bloggers.

The Super Sweet Blogging Award Rules

  1. Display the logo in your post
  2. Nominate a baker’s dozen (13 other blogs)
  3. Answer some super sweet questions
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The Super Sweet Questions:

1. Cookies or Cake? Chocolate truffle

2. Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate

3. What is your favorite sweet treat? Tiramisu

4. When do you crave sweet things the most? In the afternoon, generally after lunch.

5. If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be? Sugar, it’s what my best friend calls me 🙂

My 13 nominees:

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Speak Up!


There is always a little feeling inside
One pebble at a time to fill the cup till the brim
With overflowing thoughts spilling out from within
It all seems so effortless that once was intense.

There is always a little hope inside
One rung at a time to reach the goal defined
Struggling to take each step till now
The last has finally arrived.

There is always a little laughter inside
One joke at a time to blow away the silence
Completing each sentence is also a task
But at least finishing each moment with a smile.

There is always a little butterfly inside
One flutter at a time to let go off the futile
Every difficulty seems to race the other in line
When the time comes it actually remains hostile.

There is always a little voice inside
One treble at a time to increase the volume of life
Higher the level, lower the frequency
In the end its all about speaking your mind out the way you like.