As the days become longer
Fun squeezed out of life
We mourn in dullness
Thinking someday it will be alright.

As the time goes slower
Every moment so hard to kill
We wait patiently for a miracle
Hoping sometime it will stay still.

As the moments get fewer
When laughter is the best medicine
We get greedy for more
Wishing the moment would never end.

As the nights grow darker
With sounds of silence ringing in the ears
We long for some sanity
Listening to the night pass by.

As the heart beat races faster
Thumping till it becomes weak
We stop to hear a streak
Lying to the heart that this day is all we seek.

As life gets shorter
All the things come flashing back
We realize the gifts bestowed upon us
Trying to find the price but the value of none.

As the astray turn oppressed
They fall in the pit of failure
We sit there strong yet powerless
Searching for the meaning of the undefined.


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