Shades of Fray


Mistakes are painful.
Sometimes they take life out of you.
But we learn to survive with them.
Even though sometimes they make your heart beat race and your head slow in pace.

The guilt will never go until it gets buried in your grave.
Dark thoughts hover your mind till the sign is clear.
Mood swings don’t leave your side but slowly start to disappear.
Only one prevails, the one that turns every colour to black, white or grey.

Silence seems louder than words.
The water deeper than meaning.
The darkness feels brighter than all fears.
As though awaiting a wind to cause a stir.

My hands quiver with each letter that I write.
My mind wanders with each thought left behind.
The end maybe staring from a distance.
But the battle has begun with a task to finish every plight.

A Sweet Start!


Stunning sun warming us as we sail through the backwaters of Kumarakom, sweet clouds involving us in their trip with the doors lighting the fire, there could be no better therapy to relax the soul. It was the day I tried toddy, a sweet and sour drink tapped from the coconut palms, fermented to give a sweet kick. It was like taking a sip of heaven from God’s own country, Kerala.

As we got baked under the sun, spending a lazy day on the houseboat, gorging on freshly caught and cooked prawns and fish, we wondered how it would be to live like this far away from civilization. How it would be to live away from technology, the commotion of the city, the spite of the people, the rules of the society, and the greed of humanity? Then it strikes that there are people who actually live their life like this, but in no time they would also be plagued by ubiquity of the urban lifestyle. Maybe, it feels all nice and pleasant to be here, spend the whole day in the lap of nature’s goodness; but the truth remains that we can’t survive this lifestyle for too long. Some day we all would want to go back to our respective lifestyles, back amidst the man-made comfort and luxury. Looking at the brighter side, at least we have a place to hide when we need a break from the world; a break we all long for once in a while.

With thoughts racing through the calm waters; time standing still as the sun goes down; the rain slowly starting to pour feeling each cell, I can imagine boats in heaven might be like this. Clicking away the splendour that surrounded us, it made me wonder how each time I spend the day on the houseboat there is a different picture of beauty, a different taste of nature, a different sensation of calmness. Although one feeling remained the same; to come back on the houseboat again and again for a different experience every time.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette


Those were the days when chai’s and sutta’s were part of our blood stream.

Those were the days when we friends used to fight like siblings.

Those were the days that are now shadowed by our present.

Those were the days that have yet formed a silhouette in our lives forever.

Each Day.


As the rain touches the dry earth, I smell freedom from this bitter sweet symphony of life.

Laughter fills the air with memories pouring down, each time a new trip.

Words speaking with a rhythm, thoughts dancing with flare.

Caught up in the time trap, where ten becomes nine.

The mind on strike and hunger playing games.

Running with a speed of impatience.

Losing track ahead.

I bid adieu.


P.S: Now try reading it starting from the last line to the first.