Shades of Fray


Mistakes are painful.
Sometimes they take life out of you.
But we learn to survive with them.
Even though sometimes they make your heart beat race and your head slow in pace.

The guilt will never go until it gets buried in your grave.
Dark thoughts hover your mind till the sign is clear.
Mood swings don’t leave your side but slowly start to disappear.
Only one prevails, the one that turns every colour to black, white or grey.

Silence seems louder than words.
The water deeper than meaning.
The darkness feels brighter than all fears.
As though awaiting a wind to cause a stir.

My hands quiver with each letter that I write.
My mind wanders with each thought left behind.
The end maybe staring from a distance.
But the battle has begun with a task to finish every plight.


6 thoughts on “Shades of Fray

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