‘Cause today is a great day for falling in love

My head spinning round and round,
All I wanna do is smile with just the thought of you being around,
I get the same feeling as when you set free a dove,
In love with this feeling of falling in love.
I seem to be dreaming all day long,
Humming away our favorite song,
My eyes stuck on the phone in front of,
In love with this feeling of falling in love.
When you whisper, “I love your smile”,
All I wish is that we wouldn’t be away by a 1000 miles,
Everything else seems so perfect, I observe,
In love with this feeling of falling in love.
The day I don’t talk to you makes me wonder,
Why is that my heart feels what it does under ??
As though my life’s taken a new curve,
In love with this feeling of falling in love.
I think I can tell you anything under the sun,
And you’ll still be by my side from dusk till dawn,
I wish this feeling remains forever,
But would love for it to grow even bigger,
In love with this feeling of falling in love.

My top 10 favorite romantic movies of all time!

Boys will be boys!


From childhood, I have always had more friends who are boys than girls. And over the years I have observed that a girl qualifies to being a wife, mother, aunt and many other portrayals. But boys always remain boys!

At any age, they always get excited about three things: girls, toys and food. At my work place which is dominated by the male gender, I notice that whenever there is a new girl, a new gadget or even food incoming, all the men get super excited and swarm around like bees around honey. It creates such a buzz, and at that time nothing else matters to them. At all times all that boys think about is which girl, which toy or what food they can get their hands on.

Boys never grow into leaving or obsessing over their mothers. My boy friends are closer to their mothers than my girl friends. While most girls are not even that close to their fathers as well. I wonder maybe that is the reason why girls are the ones who move out of their home after getting married, obviously the other reason being the big fat male ego ( which is probably the only thing about boys that grows).

When boys get into a fight, it is only as serious as who gets another round of drinks, who gets to play the next game of FIFA on the xbox, whose going to eat the last piece of sausage on the plate, who looked at whose girlfriend and so forth. And mostly the fights never pass the one day limit. Also maybe because  they probably never end up remembering the next day.

So, while I thought growing up was something that happened automatically as you got older; it turns out it’s something you have to choose to do. When we are young, we all can’t wait to grow up. And once we do, we wish never we hadn’t. Although however old I get, I ll try not lose the childish charm in me. It’s what helps me to be guilt-free even after being clumsy or irresponsible or even eating a tub of ice-cream. It’s what helps me to act silly around my friends and not care about the world sometimes. It’s what helps me bring a smile on someone’s face. It’s what helps me retain that spark in my life and let go from the monotony of life.

Live, love, laugh and sometimes it’s alright to be a little childish in life.

Back to Basics


Keep it simple silly, just like Tata Docomo’s advertising campaign; advertisers today believe in making ads with a simple thought to promote the products. A basic idea executed in a thoughtful manner is more powerful than an extra-ordinary idea with no connection to the product. With the average consumer accessing content through hi-tech digital media, the advertisers believe in keeping the message simple and effective. In my two years of experience in this industry I have learnt that if you want to sell a diet you cannot leave out the calories. It is all about vanilla advertising today!

Recently, I was thinking of a television commercial idea for a premium tea brand. I began brainstorming and ideating, trying to think out of the box. In the end, the idea that eventually got selected was a conventional concept blending an emotional element into it. It was an ordinary everyday moment of a lady making tea for herself and her husband whilst enjoying the finer moments of life, such as the rain playing games with nature, serenity in the air with thoughts pouring like poetry, complemented with a perfect cup of tea for a refreshing experience.

For some reason even though I am a writer from the new era, I like the traditional outlook more. I like using pen over laptop, I like print over digital media, I like simple over complex. Although I know it is important to keep abreast with the changing world, but the challenge lies in using the digital platform to communicate a traditional concept.

Some of the brands that I feel have used vanilla advertising effectively are:

A personal favourite of mine, is the ad campaign run by Flipkart which is definitely praiseworthy. A simple concept executed in an excellent manner. The idea of using children, to imply that using Flipkart is a child’s play couldn’t get more honest, funny and straight-forward.

Raymond is one the few brands that have retained their original theme since the beginning, just recreating it in different ways. The emotions and relations have remained the same which is why the brand connects well with the people.

Moreover, using minimum characters in the ad has maximum impact on the viewer, for instance in the Tanishq commercials. It is a usual conversation between a husband and wife or mother and daughter while tweaking the moment with an unusual touch; endorsing the product in a palpable yet cogent manner.

Do share your favourite ad below.

We, the people.


Power is when your one thought can transform someone’s life. 

Barkha Dutt

Power is when your one action can instigate a change in the society. 

Anna Hazare

Power is when your one command can put an entire city to a standstill. 

Bal Thackeray

Power is when your one move can make the entire nation jump in joy. 

Sachin Tendulkar

Power is when your one life leaves an everlasting impact. 

Mahatma Gandhi

Power is not money. Power is oneself.

Shhhh….I’m thinking…


It’s true that ideas have moods. But no clever idea has ever been born in a quiet dark room (except the light bulb maybe), because ideas come from experiences of life, from exploring new ways in life, from life. In advertising, everyone has an opinion and idea about everything. There may be correct ones, smart ones, funny ones; but only the ones that sell are right. As a copywriter, you need to be able to sell the experience and feeling of the product rather than the product itself. As said by ad genius David Ogilvy, “The consumer is not a moron, she is your wife.” My question is, does that make copywriters better husbands? They can juggle words well, handle stress and  time management, present something ordinary in an extraordinary manner and they definitely know the trick to recreate magic from something old.

No one understands feelings better than a copywriter, which is why they are always packed with a mixed bag of emotions at all times. I sometimes feel nostalgic, happy, restless, angry all at the same time. A different feeling assigned to a different aspect of my life. But every piece of work I am assigned gives me only one feeling, that of excitement! It feels as though I have developed a dual personality, like is it possible to be a patient person by nature but an impatient driver?

What makes a good copywriter? Is it the idea, the insight or the intelligence? Sometimes you come up with a fantastic idea but it fails. Sometimes you are in sync with the consumer’s emotions and feelings but are unable to convince them. And sometimes you intelligently club a bright idea with insight but still fail to succeed. So, copywriters are expected to have multiple talents:

  1. One needs to be patient while conceptualizing not while executing.
  2. Be able to criticize other work and withstand criticism on own work as well.
  3. Find a way to relieve frustration, vent out anger and dissolve stress.
  4. Strive for perfection even it means to rewrite, rethink and recreate the same a 100 times.
  5. Observe people, places, activities; scan a situation and make an ad out of it.
  6. Get lost in a trance of creativity but realize the value of time.

As said by Yaro Starak, “Personality is a point of differentiation no one can copy.” It is what differentiates you from the crowd. But sometimes you have to step outside of the person you’ve been, and remember the person you were meant to be, the person you wanted to be, the person you are.

Someone Like You


I just don’t want someone who knows the shoes I am thinking about;
I want someone who knows I m thinking about something when I am fiddling with the shoe.

I just don’t want someone who’ll travel the seven seas for me;
I want someone who calls just once a day to say he’s still there for me.

I just don’t want someone who can sweep me off my feet;
I want someone who’ll be there to hug me when I m falling.

I just don’t want someone who pampers me all day, every day;
I want someone who notices that even though he doesn’t do so, I still love him.

I just don’t want someone with whom things are so smooth and sailing;
I want someone who knows I am there even when the sail is rough.

I just don’t know if that someone knows;
But, I want someone who knows that I do know.


In response to the Daily Prompt: This Is Your Song