Cleansing the mind


Monday afternoon, neck deep in work and my head just not ready to co-operate. I sit there trying to distract my mind by reading the freshly pressed, when suddenly my boss interrupts my thoughts. We discuss work for maybe 7 minutes after which he happens to tell me how important it is to dump your thoughts on paper to relieve frustration. “The only reason I survived this advertising industry is by maintaining a ledger of my thoughts” he says. I absolutely agree with him, because as the toxic thoughts vacate the mind it makes room for the creative ones to flow in. People often ask me why my posts are so sad and dark? If I am upset or depressed about something? Do I tend to write only when I am feeling low? And all sorts of questions. I guess I have finally found the appropriate answer or rather the right justification for the genre of my writing.

It’s not important that every individual follows this mechanism. But I am sure that with whatever intention a person writes, their minds and hearts must definitely feel lighter once they put the pen down. Because it’s not necessary that one feels heavy only when they are extremely sad or frustrated in life. Even when we feel overjoyed or over-excited about something we need to or rather want to share it with everyone and tend to get so restless and impatient till we do so. So bottled up happiness is equally cumbersome as bottled up frustration. All thoughts and feelings need to be let out, just at the right time and place.

Since predicting the right moment is certainly the most difficult to figure, writing is the best or rather the ideal way to dump down our thoughts. Plus just like dumping any other waste, thoughts don’t need to follow any rules or method. You can do it however you like. Sometimes you gather them for days and then throw them or sometimes you just do it on a daily basis. It all depends on your capacity and need to clean the mind. Once the toxic is out of the mind and into the word bin, there is no turning back and digging in. It’s out in the open ready to be recycled and probably few years down line, someone might think about the same thought a little differently.


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