The year that was…


Another year over. Another end to a new beginning. Another disguise for old mistakes. Another chapter now part of history. Here is looking back at a year that was packed with risks, lessons, betrayal, love, hope, smiles, decisions, choices, moments, answers, questions…a year that was an experience.

January: Stay strong

You will always have friends around you, but sometimes even enemies can be disguised as friends.

January taught me to be strong and to be able to stand up for myself. Because sometimes, you are the only one who can help yourself.

February: Stay inspired

Appreciation follows one who truly deserves it. No matter how hard you try to dodge it, if it belongs to you, it will come around.

February taught me that no matter how hard people try to steal from you, they can never rob you off from what you truly deserve. The mantra is to remain inspired. To enjoy what ever you do, and if you don’t then don’t do it.

March: Stay patient

There is a golden thread of time that crosses every person once in the day, no one knows when or where it happens, the key is to keep wishing what you truly want and it is most likely to come true some day.

March taught that if you remain patient good things, good people and good times will come along your way. It was one of the best month’s in the entire year, including the part that my birthday falls in this month.

April: Stay confident 

Confidence is not about having all the answers, but being open to any question.

April taught me that anxiety will get you no where. If I had to do something well, I had to be confident that I could. For the first time in my life, I wrote my exams without panicking and still managed to ace it.

May: Stay calm

When you make a decision, the next step is to wait till it shapes up.

May taught me that things don’t always go the way you planned them to, because it only means that there was always something better planned. I got my heart broken, my career diverted and had results awaiting. Next thing I know, life had a better plan.

June: Stay true

True to your family. True to your friends. True to your dreams. True to yourself.

June was a difficult month. Everything changed but still remained the same. Coming back home seemed like a nightmare soon turned luxury. It taught me to accept life for what it is rather than what it wasn’t.

July: Stay spirited

Enjoy every moment that you have with all you have till you have.

July taught me that you don’t always need somebody to enjoy life. It was the time I was taking a break from life, when I spent most of my time exploring things I have always wanted to do, reading books waiting on my shelf, watching movies back to back, discovering what I wanted from the next few months of my life and in the process spent some quality time with myself.

August: Stay focused

One can do anything, but not everything.

Sometimes you needed to distance yourself to see the bigger picture more clearly. But August was the time to act on the decisions made and remain focused on them. It taught to continue following my dream no matter how hard people try to divert it.

September: Stay passionate

When you are passionate about something; when, where, what, who, why don’t matter.

After the long wait, I finally cracked a job in September, even though it wasn’t what I wanted. But at the end of the day, I was following my dream, my passion for creative writing. As long as I got to write, it didn’t matter when and where it was.

October: Stay grateful

Gratitude turns what you have into enough.

October taught me that what ever happens, family stays with you always. I was grateful for the loving and supportive family I have. I always thought that being independent meant living alone. Till I realized that independence is only enjoyed when it is backed with happiness, which comes from being with your loved ones.

November: Stay devoted

Devotion is not being truthful to your religion but being thankful to God in any form.

November helped me realize the meaning and value of true devotion. I felt closer to God, being mentally and spiritually at peace. It was the month of finding answers that always laid within.

December: Stay determined

We only regret the chances we didn’t take. But when life gives a second chance, don’t think of it as fate.

December taught me to take risks in life, that it is alright to make mistakes in life. Most likely there is nothing you can possibly lose, because if it is lost then probably it was not meant to be there in the first place. In life, things aren’t always what they appear to be, sometimes you need to take a risk, explore it and chances are it will leave you amazed!

Ate as far as we could. Traveled as far as we never imagined.


I am not a foodie by nature. In fact I am one of those people who eat to live. But I am not a fussy eater, I eat whatever is put on my plate. Although, I have constant food cravings. Once when I was studying in Manchester, I was craving for good South Indian food. So, this friend of mine, who is always game for eating South Indian suggested we go to this restaurant where you supposedly got the best sambar in Manchester. Although, the restaurant was quite far and we had to switch 2 buses within an hour’s journey, we still decided to have a go at it.

So figuring out the place and getting there wasn’t the task at all. We had a great meal, spent over 2 hours hogging and trying out as many of the dishes on the menu as we could. The problem was getting back, we forgot to find out when the last bus was from that place. We waited for half an hour, wishing our luck would change and we would hop on a bus back. After one hour, our luck did change. A bus appeared, although it wasn’t the one en route our destination, it was a bus that would get us somewhere. So we got on to the bus not realizing where the journey would lead us. We ended up changing 4 buses, and touring around even the most remote areas of Manchester before we actually ended up walking the last 5-6 miles back home.

That was one meal I would never forget in my life as it took us 4 hours to get back home that day. After cribbing and worrying through out the journey, once we got home we felt like it was one heck of an experience that we had. We would have never traveled and toured the city at night like the way we did. It was a story told and retold to each of our friends whenever we went out for dinner anywhere. And after that day, we went on a rampant cooking spree. Where we tried out different South Indian dishes till we got them right.

Nevertheless, we did go to that restaurant again after a few months. This time we were more people and on time to take the right bus back.


This post is part of the Daily Prompt: Live to Eat

This is the end.


What if today was the last day on earth?

I can’t get myself to think what all I would want to do before I sleep tonight.

It feels like any other normal day, maybe because it is.

But what if it isn’t?

I don’t have a list in mind, nor have I given it any serious thought.

There are so many things left to accomplish, so many things left to say, so many things left to explore.

How can I do it all in one day?

Then I realized,

Maybe I don’t really have to accomplish all the goals I have set for myself in life,

Maybe I don’t have to say all the things to express what’s in my mind,

Maybe I don’t have to see all the places in the world to be wise,

Maybe I don’t need an extravagant list to feel complete inside.

For all I know, these things won’t matter much, because if it actually is the last day then there will be no one left to remember anyways.

No Women, No Cry.


Today, I am so angry at all the men, actually more than angry I am disgusted. It hurts the way they seem to look down upon us. I don’t know if it is the strength of man or the fear to defend is what makes us women feel frail. I feel the truth is, it’s the unsafe environment that has made women weak. After reading about the tormenting gang rape incident on a public bus in Delhi, it made me wonder if I was on that bus, would I be able to save her? Would I be able to defend her or fall a victim along with her? Why is it that the woman has to bear the grunt of something that was not even her fault and the actual culprits get to walk around with their heads high.

It’s loathsome how every woman in the world at some point of the day in some sort of way experiences or is exposed to degradation or humiliation because of her gender, be it at her workplace, home, friends circle, family or even public places. I don’t understand what pleasure men get out of doing such things, it is inhumane. Is it the poor morale and upbringing or the lack of education or just the thrill of the act that makes people do such ruthless acts? I feel people seem to have lost the fear of committing a crime that involves atrocities over women in our country. It is time that we get together, rise against this evil and take stringent action. Because…

Just because I am a woman, doesn’t give you the right to treat me like I am stupid and futile. We definitely are more patient, sensible and benevolent than men.

Just because I am a woman working in a male dominated environment, doesn’t give you the right to mock behind my back. If you consider yourself man enough, say it on my face!

Just because I am a woman driver, doesn’t mean you cross my car like a black cat right when the signal is green.

Just because I am a women, doesn’t mean I have to live with my husband’s family. We can both move out and live together and each be financially independent.

Just because I am women, don’t mistake my tolerance for my weakness. We are like that calm wave which when triggered can destroy you.

Just because I am a woman, you don’t get to point your finger at me for your own mistakes and then make me feel guilty about it.

Just because I am a woman, doesn’t give you the right to use your physical strength over me. If you have the balls, beat the shit out of someone your own size. If men have so much strength, why don’t they ever defend a person in trouble. Raise your standards before you raise your hand at me.

Just because I am a woman who supports other women, doesn’t mean I am a lesbian. When will men ever stop being childish. I believe in progress, which does not happen with the development of one gender, one race, one caste or one person alone.

Just because I am a woman, doesn’t mean we cannot have carnal desires. We at least don’t go around molesting, humiliating and killing people because of it.

Just because she is a woman, do not undermine, suppress or torment her. Because she is strong, she is beautiful, she deserves better.

As said by Margaret Thatcher, “If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman.”

So girls, let’s wash away the pain, wipe those tears, clean up the heartbreaks and toast to a life with freedom, respect and power.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections


ReflectionsThis photo is a  reflection of the sunset seen through the rear-view mirror. It was a mesmerizing view, watching the sun set behind while the sky ahead was crystal clear, at the same time an intriguing thought. It was like capturing a moment that had passed in the rear-view mirror of life while driving towards a brighter and clearer tomorrow.

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The Liebster Award – Danke sehr!


liebster awardThis morning when I opened my blog, I had a pleasant surprise awaiting. Thank you Alexandra for the nomination, it is truly an honor. Getting an award is exhilarating at the same time gratifying. Thank you once again. You truly made my day 🙂

The Liebster Award Rules:

1) Post eleven facts about yourself
2) Answer the questions the tagger has set for you and create eleven questions for people you’ve nominated
3) Choose eleven people (with fewer than 200 followers) to give this award to and link them in your post
4) Go to their page and tell them
5) Remember, no tag backs

About ME!

  1. Travelling and wine.
  2. Cooking but not eating.
  3. On a rainy day, you would probably find me cuddled up in a blanket with a good book and steamy hot chocolate.
  4. Yoga helps me keep my mind calm.
  5. I believe whatever happens, happens for the best.
  6. I am a dreamer.
  7. Shoes make me go crazy. One day, would love to own a shiny white shoe cupboard.
  8. There is no high like writing poetry.
  9. I love talking to people who make me smile.
  10. Music keeps me going.
  11. I love wandering, exploring and capturing the streets.

Questions I answered:

1) What is a sound you love?

> The sound of the ocean.

2) Has any book or movie made an impact on you?

> Book: A thousand splendid suns

3) What is your earliest memory?

> My earliest memory is when I was a year old, my aunt used to make me model around the house, changing my clothes every hour. I guess it’s become a habit since then. Even now, I like to change every quarter of the day.

4) Where’s your “thinking” place?

> My loo. I sit on the steps I have in there. It’s my thinking spot!

5) Do you believe in an afterlife?

> Not really. I believe in living this one to the fullest!

6) How would you like to be remembered?

> I would like to be remembered for my poetry. Someday I want to publish a book of my own.

7) If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

> Traveler, probably host a travel show.

8) What’s your least favorite word?

> Buddy.

9) What does this nomination mean to you?

> It gives me the confidence to write more.

10) What do you like to do for fun?

> Meet up with friends.

11) What’s your favorite quote?

> “We don’t know what we don’t know until we do what we don’t usually do.” – John Hunt (The art of the idea)

My 11 nominees:

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  2. 366 Days of Photos
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Questions for the people I nominated:

  1. Your most favorite holiday till date.
  2. If you could only eat one food for a whole year what would it be?
  3. If you could be a super hero what power would you choose to have?
  4. Name 3 of your favorite books.
  5. Love is…
  6. What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?
  7. If your house was on fire, what one thing you would grab before getting out?
  8. What is the best advice you have ever received?
  9. Your all time favorite drink.
  10. If given a chance to skip work or school for a day, how would you spend the entire day?
  11. What chore do you absolutely hate doing?