No Women, No Cry.


Today, I am so angry at all the men, actually more than angry I am disgusted. It hurts the way they seem to look down upon us. I don’t know if it is the strength of man or the fear to defend is what makes us women feel frail. I feel the truth is, it’s the unsafe environment that has made women weak. After reading about the tormenting gang rape incident on a public bus in Delhi, it made me wonder if I was on that bus, would I be able to save her? Would I be able to defend her or fall a victim along with her? Why is it that the woman has to bear the grunt of something that was not even her fault and the actual culprits get to walk around with their heads high.

It’s loathsome how every woman in the world at some point of the day in some sort of way experiences or is exposed to degradation or humiliation because of her gender, be it at her workplace, home, friends circle, family or even public places. I don’t understand what pleasure men get out of doing such things, it is inhumane. Is it the poor morale and upbringing or the lack of education or just the thrill of the act that makes people do such ruthless acts? I feel people seem to have lost the fear of committing a crime that involves atrocities over women in our country. It is time that we get together, rise against this evil and take stringent action. Because…

Just because I am a woman, doesn’t give you the right to treat me like I am stupid and futile. We definitely are more patient, sensible and benevolent than men.

Just because I am a woman working in a male dominated environment, doesn’t give you the right to mock behind my back. If you consider yourself man enough, say it on my face!

Just because I am a woman driver, doesn’t mean you cross my car like a black cat right when the signal is green.

Just because I am a women, doesn’t mean I have to live with my husband’s family. We can both move out and live together and each be financially independent.

Just because I am women, don’t mistake my tolerance for my weakness. We are like that calm wave which when triggered can destroy you.

Just because I am a woman, you don’t get to point your finger at me for your own mistakes and then make me feel guilty about it.

Just because I am a woman, doesn’t give you the right to use your physical strength over me. If you have the balls, beat the shit out of someone your own size. If men have so much strength, why don’t they ever defend a person in trouble. Raise your standards before you raise your hand at me.

Just because I am a woman who supports other women, doesn’t mean I am a lesbian. When will men ever stop being childish. I believe in progress, which does not happen with the development of one gender, one race, one caste or one person alone.

Just because I am a woman, doesn’t mean we cannot have carnal desires. We at least don’t go around molesting, humiliating and killing people because of it.

Just because she is a woman, do not undermine, suppress or torment her. Because she is strong, she is beautiful, she deserves better.

As said by Margaret Thatcher, “If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman.”

So girls, let’s wash away the pain, wipe those tears, clean up the heartbreaks and toast to a life with freedom, respect and power.


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