Ate as far as we could. Traveled as far as we never imagined.


I am not a foodie by nature. In fact I am one of those people who eat to live. But I am not a fussy eater, I eat whatever is put on my plate. Although, I have constant food cravings. Once when I was studying in Manchester, I was craving for good South Indian food. So, this friend of mine, who is always game for eating South Indian suggested we go to this restaurant where you supposedly got the best sambar in Manchester. Although, the restaurant was quite far and we had to switch 2 buses within an hour’s journey, we still decided to have a go at it.

So figuring out the place and getting there wasn’t the task at all. We had a great meal, spent over 2 hours hogging and trying out as many of the dishes on the menu as we could. The problem was getting back, we forgot to find out when the last bus was from that place. We waited for half an hour, wishing our luck would change and we would hop on a bus back. After one hour, our luck did change. A bus appeared, although it wasn’t the one en route our destination, it was a bus that would get us somewhere. So we got on to the bus not realizing where the journey would lead us. We ended up changing 4 buses, and touring around even the most remote areas of Manchester before we actually ended up walking the last 5-6 miles back home.

That was one meal I would never forget in my life as it took us 4 hours to get back home that day. After cribbing and worrying through out the journey, once we got home we felt like it was one heck of an experience that we had. We would have never traveled and toured the city at night like the way we did. It was a story told and retold to each of our friends whenever we went out for dinner anywhere. And after that day, we went on a rampant cooking spree. Where we tried out different South Indian dishes till we got them right.

Nevertheless, we did go to that restaurant again after a few months. This time we were more people and on time to take the right bus back.


This post is part of the Daily Prompt: Live to Eat


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