Back & Forth


Life is so much easier when you’re a student. The biggest advantage being that even if you’re wrong it doesn’t matter because you’re still learning. But you only end up learning from the mistakes you made as a student when you become a teacher.

While I was an intern at an advertising agency, I used to feel so dejected when my work used be rejected or asked to be reworked on and again. I thought my seniors (teachers) never understood my point of view. Every time I would finish a work and submit, it used to rejected or redone or revised. I would never get any appreciation for my effort and slyly be transferred/diverted to some other project. I used to be very disheartened, so tried to work harder and harder. Think of work all day and night. Put in my best best effort, but never felt enough.

Two years later, it was time for me to reverse roles. Now, I had someone to whom I could impart my knowledge and wisdom to. My first ever student and I had no idea how to go about the whole process: where to begin, how to filter the important and essential, ways to make it interesting and so forth (FYI: I am pathetic teacher). But I tried, and in the process had many striking revelations. I realized how easy it was for me to accuse my teachers for not liking my work and how difficult it is actually to tell someone, without being offensive, how pathetically bad their work is. Considering this I feel my seniors were pretty lenient with me. My student reminds me of the time when I used to finish my assigned work super quick and always be hungry for more. It is so difficult to give exercises and homework now I know. And all of this in the middle of a busy day when you genuinely have work and strict deadlines to meet.

Teaching felt like a self-evaluation of my past and present. Now, I realize how much I have actually learnt and how far I have come from when I had just begun. It has made me a better critic of my work and taught me to make fairer judgments. Although, I don’t claim to be an expert at work still and not even a remotely good teacher, but definitely claim teaching a great learning experience. Also, I realized life is not easy for a student either, because you are one all your life.


7 thoughts on “Back & Forth

  1. That is it, you never stop learning! So in theory you are always a student and there is nothing wrong with it. It is good to learn and get moer experience in wvery way. Love Ute x

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