It’s easier said than done.


In an advertising agency, every department feels their job is the toughest and hence the most important part of the organisation. The client service department feels without them, we would have no business. They rant about how difficult it is to deal with clients, convince them and face them while presenting a shoddy job. Whereas the creatives counter-act saying, if client service is the body, they are the soul of the organisation; without them there would be no business happening.

Definitely it’s easier said than done. It is easy to say someone else’s job is less stressful and easier compared to the other. The truth is each person is meant to do a certain task he/she is trained to do. One can’t replace the other, at least one cannot be the best replacement for another’s job. The production team cannot design an ad, a graphic designer may not be the right candidate for media planning, the media planners cannot replace the copywriters. Hence each one is allocated to the task they are truly good at and each department is crucial and challenging in it’s own way.

Technically it’s easier said than done. As a copywriter, I feel my job is strenuous. It’s not easy to come up with ideas for the same product every week or think of innovative ideas for a run down product. But, for a change today I put myself in the shoes of a graphic designer to see what it’s like, trust me I was thanking my stars I was a copywriter and not the one actually executing it. As a copywriter you tend to fantasize, think beyond the obvious, have surreal ideas which are definitely easy to visualize but often impossible to depict or materialize. We say, we want the building to look grandeur, with nice…bright…eye-catching background…maybe  like the meadows of Europe, plus highlighting all the facilities so that the viewer of the ad is transported to another world yet knows the reality or nature of the apartment. And even though the designer comes almost close to your visualization, you say, it’s nice but could we have the building highlighted a tinge more…it is the selling product in the end. I don’t blame the designer for giving me a look saying, ‘are you kidding me?? you want all this…in a 3×15 black & white ad…right! It’s not happening!’ That’s when I begin to realize, that maybe I was being a little too demanding and dreaming a little too much.

Obviously it’s easier said than done. When the client service department comes to us with  a brief, we expect some amount of detail and clarity to hit the right target, while they say no more than 3 words…serene and peaceful location. So you’re telling me, out of  hours of meeting the client; you could decipher and conclude with only “3 words???” Obviously it’s not easy dealing with clients, especially when they are stubborn and don’t know jack shit about advertising, as they are worse than us copywriters in terms of being surreal and bizarre.

So, clearly it’s easier said than done. No one has the right to point fingers at another and definitely no right to degrade another without experiencing what it’s like to be in the other’s shoes. We feel the grass is always greener on the other side, but only when you take a step towards it you realize it’s the reflection of the sky on yellow that makes it look likewise.

Enjoy the ad 🙂


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