From tyre to tired!


Every time I drive, I have this constant fear that what if the car’s tyre gets punctured and I have no one to help around. Every time the car goes over a hump or even over a pebble on the road, I would think about the tyre going flat. Thanks to the movies that just augmented my fear; where they show a girl stranded on a deserted highway waiting for someone to help her change the flat tyre, which in turn leads her in a difficult situation. I get shivers thinking what if I end up in a situation like that? What would I do?

So I decided. I need to learn how to change a flat tyre. It’s been on my bucket list for a while now and it was time I got someone to teach me how to change the tyre. It was a hot day with the sun sizzling over. But a dear friend of mine was sweet enough to teach me how to change a flat tyre. He asked me if I had a spare tyre in my car, and I confidently said no. Whereas when he opened the boot of my car, he showed me where the spare tyre is kept. 2 years into driving my car and I never realized there was a spare tyre in my boot all these years hiding snugly below the carpet of the boot :s !!??!! So, now that we discovered where the spare tyre laid, the next step was to learn how to remove the tyre from the boot and replace the flat tyre with it.

All ready to get dirty and sweaty, he started to demonstrate the process.

  1. Place the jack in contact with the metal portion of the car’s frame near the tyre. Raise it to a level enough to support the car and not completely lift it off the ground.
  2. Remove the hub cap and loosen the nuts by unscrewing them clockwise. (Definitely not as easy as it sounds, I was huffing and puffing at the end of this step.)
  3. Remove the flat tyre and replace with the spare one.
  4. Screw back the nuts and lower the jack to put car back to position.
  5. Put the flat tyre and other tools back in the boot. Make sure to get the car to a mechanic asap.

Sounds pretty simple right. It definitely wasn’t. After we were finished with the lesson, I was seriously exhausted. I never thought changing a tyre would require so much strength and stamina. Anyways, the good part is that at least now I know how to change a flat tyre if I ever need to do it. Although on the down side, now I worry if I ever end up with a flat tyre, would I be able to do it on my own?

Live. Strong.


Strong is when strong can be.
It’s to move on even if life falls apart.
It’s to hold on even if it means to wait.
It’s to stand even if its not for yourself.
It’s to talk even if your voice is not heard.
It’s to think even if no one can understand.
It’s to feel even if it hurts.
It’s to learn even if you already know.
It’s to give even if you don’t have for your own.
Strong is when strong can be.

A sense of life


What is a dream?
It’s something you see with your heart open.

What is an inspiration?
It’s something you hear from the silence that lies within.

What is an accomplishment?
It’s something you taste only after digesting hardships.

What is an opportunity?
It’s something you smell even before it has arrived within your sight.

What is an emotion?
It’s something you touch without any entity.

What is a lifetime?
It’s something you sense when that something is what really matters. Only thing that matters!