Tiramisu: Heaven in my mouth, hell in my kitchen.


To make tiramisu has been on my bucket list for a while now. I love to bake desserts, but never got down to making tiramisu because earlier the ingredients were not so easily available in my city. But then finally I made my first batch of tiramisu. I never in my wildest dreams  thought it would be such a cumbersome process. I started my day at 10:30 in the morning with the first step and the most important layer of this creamy italian dessert. Initially, I thought I was doing something wrong because it didn’t look like what I had seen in the video. But then eventually once the egg yolk, sugar and milk took the consistency required there was sigh of relief at my end. I packed it off in the refrigerator as suggested then moved on to the next step.

The toughest and worst part of the whole experience was making the ladyfinger cookies. How I wished then that we got the ready-made version here in Kochi. It would have saved me from all the torture and wastage of ingredients. I made a total of three batches, of which only the last one seemed a little edible. Even though they were like a weirder and egg-smelling version of sponge cake, unlike what they should have been. Thankfully, though, that worked out fine as it was the last of the ingredients on me and I was getting a bad feeling that my very first batch of tiramisu was going to be ruined. But I still went ahead with preparing the next layer. I was adamant not to give up and lose hope yet. Even if it did turn out inedible, at least I would know the next time where I had gone wrong.

So I began whisking the cream and vanilla, the easiest and the yummiest of the three layers that comprise a tiramisu. Meanwhile, my sister helped me with soaking the eggy savoiardi’s in the coffee and rum concoction. Although, her alcoholic instincts compelled her to soak them longer than required, mine suggested adding some of the prepared coffee liqueur to the whipped cream for that little extra flavour.

Layering it up. First, I arranged the ‘so-called’ ladyfinger cookies that were by now drunk and tipsy with alcohol. Then the cheesy layer, which was followed by the creamy one. Midway into repeating the three layers I realised that maybe my dish is a tinge bit small for the quantity I had prepared. Noway could I have tranferred it all into a bigger bowl, so had to eventually cut back a little on the last creamy layer. On the bright side, at least it’s that much less intake of calories. Powdered with a generous sprinkle of cocoa, the only thing remaining was to wrap, refrigerate and wait for 6 hours until we all got to taste the disastrous yet much-awaited dessert.

After 4 hours cooking time and 6 hours waiting time, it was time to taste my favourite dessert (not so much anymore or only as long as I don’t have to make it). Taking the first bite, my heart was racing but I breathed a sigh of extreme happiness and exhilaration when my sister moaned out a huge yummm. I knew then that my task was accomplished and all that hard work hadn’t gone down the drain.

Feedbacks: My aunt, grandma and mom took two helpings each, my sister took three and my dad took two bites (for a person who hates desserts, it’s a big deal). I guess a clean dish is a compliment enough.

Drawbacks: Too much alcohol in the biscuit layer.

P. S: In case of any leftover whipped cream, treat yourself to a divine creamy cold coffee. Trust me you’ll need it at the end of it all. 🙂


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