Why Travel?


Journey to a new place, for me, is like the best kind of love affair; where you learn a new language to express your love, where you seize who you are, who you’re in love with, where sometimes lose track of where you’re going but still carry on for the thrill and adventure, and where with every journey begins a love story, some classic, some great and some which last forever. For all you know, it doesn’t even matter if the story has been written before, because no two love stories can ever be the same.

Journey to a foreign land, for me, is like a quest for the unknown, where we travel in search of both self and anonymity. We battle between who we are and who we should be, where we are and where we should be. We travel to lose ourselves, and sometimes to find ourselves. As Pico Iyer sagely puts it, ”¬†What we find outside ourselves has to be inside ourselves for us to find it.”

So, when I ask myself, why do I want to see the world? Why is it essential to go to a place, and then why write about it later? My head says, “Because I want to examine different cultures, experience different lifestyles, explore different opportunities, embrace different moments.” While my heart says, “Because I just want to try and find a piece of myself everywhere I go to put together one day.” I would say, a tourist is merely a person who complains, “It’s not the same as in my country.” Whereas a traveler claims, “It’s not the same anywhere I go.” Traveling is not a just a hobby or holiday, it’s a way of life. For this life I would travel everywhere, anywhere, sometimes again, and sometimes even if it means falling in love over a 100 times.

Passage of time


Follow the stars,

Or follow the might.

Life is a wistful journey,

One that never ends.

Each day is layer of wisdom enveloped,

With insights we wish we had earlier in life.

Life is a learning process,

One that never ends.

Mysteries being unraveled,

The doors of perception wide open.

Life is a cynical quest,

One that never ends.

Signs are all around us,

The ones you see are ones that matter

Life is a game of chance,

One that never ends.

We leave love to destiny,

Still playing the cards of hope.

Life is full of random trysts,

One that never ends.

Few words can tell a whole,

Many thoughts can stir a whirl.

Life is a complex cruise,

One that never ends.

The wait can be long,

Answers hidden deep inside.

Life is a passage of time,

One that unfolds every now and then.