Why Travel?


Journey to a new place, for me, is like the best kind of love affair; where you learn a new language to express your love, where you seize who you are, who you’re in love with, where sometimes lose track of where you’re going but still carry on for the thrill and adventure, and where with every journey begins a love story, some classic, some great and some which last forever. For all you know, it doesn’t even matter if the story has been written before, because no two love stories can ever be the same.

Journey to a foreign land, for me, is like a quest for the unknown, where we travel in search of both self and anonymity. We battle between who we are and who we should be, where we are and where we should be. We travel to lose ourselves, and sometimes to find ourselves. As Pico Iyer sagely puts it, ” What we find outside ourselves has to be inside ourselves for us to find it.”

So, when I ask myself, why do I want to see the world? Why is it essential to go to a place, and then why write about it later? My head says, “Because I want to examine different cultures, experience different lifestyles, explore different opportunities, embrace different moments.” While my heart says, “Because I just want to try and find a piece of myself everywhere I go to put together one day.” I would say, a tourist is merely a person who complains, “It’s not the same as in my country.” Whereas a traveler claims, “It’s not the same anywhere I go.” Traveling is not a just a hobby or holiday, it’s a way of life. For this life I would travel everywhere, anywhere, sometimes again, and sometimes even if it means falling in love over a 100 times.

‘Cause today is a great day for falling in love

My head spinning round and round,
All I wanna do is smile with just the thought of you being around,
I get the same feeling as when you set free a dove,
In love with this feeling of falling in love.
I seem to be dreaming all day long,
Humming away our favorite song,
My eyes stuck on the phone in front of,
In love with this feeling of falling in love.
When you whisper, “I love your smile”,
All I wish is that we wouldn’t be away by a 1000 miles,
Everything else seems so perfect, I observe,
In love with this feeling of falling in love.
The day I don’t talk to you makes me wonder,
Why is that my heart feels what it does under ??
As though my life’s taken a new curve,
In love with this feeling of falling in love.
I think I can tell you anything under the sun,
And you’ll still be by my side from dusk till dawn,
I wish this feeling remains forever,
But would love for it to grow even bigger,
In love with this feeling of falling in love.

My top 10 favorite romantic movies of all time!

Someone Like You


I just don’t want someone who knows the shoes I am thinking about;
I want someone who knows I m thinking about something when I am fiddling with the shoe.

I just don’t want someone who’ll travel the seven seas for me;
I want someone who calls just once a day to say he’s still there for me.

I just don’t want someone who can sweep me off my feet;
I want someone who’ll be there to hug me when I m falling.

I just don’t want someone who pampers me all day, every day;
I want someone who notices that even though he doesn’t do so, I still love him.

I just don’t want someone with whom things are so smooth and sailing;
I want someone who knows I am there even when the sail is rough.

I just don’t know if that someone knows;
But, I want someone who knows that I do know.


In response to the Daily Prompt: This Is Your Song

Trance of creativity


My thoughts jump from dark to bright
Colours of life come gushing by
As they shape into words in time
I feel like in a trance of creativity tonight.

Knowledge is the only source of light
The only way to get peace in this world of plight
There is no form of discrimination or no violation of any right
I feel like in a trance of creativity tonight.

My mind is my universe, it is the source of my energy inside
Priorities revolve like planets in the sky
Trying to attract the positivity created by the magnetic field of life
I feel like in a trance of creativity tonight.

When thoughts start to make sense, words start to flow
Lying amidst dreams dancing like stars
Slowly swaying to the rhythm of the heart
I feel like in a trance of creativity tonight.

As the night passes by, giving way for a new day to rise
The power within reaches a new high
One that can’t be attained even on grass greener than its might
I feel like in a trance of creativity tonight.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette


Those were the days when chai’s and sutta’s were part of our blood stream.

Those were the days when we friends used to fight like siblings.

Those were the days that are now shadowed by our present.

Those were the days that have yet formed a silhouette in our lives forever.

That moment…


When some unbelievable surprise puts a smile on your face,
Some person you didn’t ever think of calls you to trace,
You suddenly realize life is still worth living,
That every moment is precious and its all about giving.

When some random meeting turns worthwhile,
Some person you did not ever think of crossing over a night,
You suddenly realize all you did till now is actually required,
That any moment can make things alright.

When some conversation takes a new turn,
Some person gives you insights you did not think of,
You suddenly realize the value of honesty,
That each moment has something to add to life.

When some unexpected act gets you thinking,
Some person unknowingly teaches you the meaning of life,
You suddenly realize not to undermine anybody,
That every moment there is something to learn.

When some dream actually shapes up,
Some person unnoticed until then seems true,
You suddenly realize the irony of life,
That any moment is enough to get what you really want.

When some thought gets stuck in the mind,
Some person reads it without saying a word,
You suddenly realize that you’re not alone,
That each moment is not just your own.

While we all wait for the moment to come,
For that one person to complete the undone,
Then you suddenly realize that it was right there all the while,
That the moment is nothing but every second of life.

Speak Up!


There is always a little feeling inside
One pebble at a time to fill the cup till the brim
With overflowing thoughts spilling out from within
It all seems so effortless that once was intense.

There is always a little hope inside
One rung at a time to reach the goal defined
Struggling to take each step till now
The last has finally arrived.

There is always a little laughter inside
One joke at a time to blow away the silence
Completing each sentence is also a task
But at least finishing each moment with a smile.

There is always a little butterfly inside
One flutter at a time to let go off the futile
Every difficulty seems to race the other in line
When the time comes it actually remains hostile.

There is always a little voice inside
One treble at a time to increase the volume of life
Higher the level, lower the frequency
In the end its all about speaking your mind out the way you like.