“Arranged” Marriage


“Arranged” Marriage.


A sense of life


What is a dream?
It’s something you see with your heart open.

What is an inspiration?
It’s something you hear from the silence that lies within.

What is an accomplishment?
It’s something you taste only after digesting hardships.

What is an opportunity?
It’s something you smell even before it has arrived within your sight.

What is an emotion?
It’s something you touch without any entity.

What is a lifetime?
It’s something you sense when that something is what really matters. Only thing that matters!

Mass-ked Reactions


We constantly tend to judge the people around us and yet incessantly seek for others approval.

We invariably expect people to be fearless while we hide ourselves in the caves of vexation.

We eventually end up waiting for things that mean something to us but instantly lose patience that concerns others.

We perpetually approach life negatively but advice people to have a positive attitude towards life.

We repeatedly portray ourselves as progressive radical beings however parochial we are.

We unceasingly make mistakes big or small yet still feel handicapped to forgive someone else’s impropriety.

We consistently challenge people about their feelings although fall loss of words when asked likewise.

We unconsciously wear a mask of hypocrisy whilst fighting the battle for righteousness and sanity.

Shhhh….I’m thinking…


It’s true that ideas have moods. But no clever idea has ever been born in a quiet dark room (except the light bulb maybe), because ideas come from experiences of life, from exploring new ways in life, from life. In advertising, everyone has an opinion and idea about everything. There may be correct ones, smart ones, funny ones; but only the ones that sell are right. As a copywriter, you need to be able to sell the experience and feeling of the product rather than the product itself. As said by ad genius David Ogilvy, “The consumer is not a moron, she is your wife.” My question is, does that make copywriters better husbands? They can juggle words well, handle stress and  time management, present something ordinary in an extraordinary manner and they definitely know the trick to recreate magic from something old.

No one understands feelings better than a copywriter, which is why they are always packed with a mixed bag of emotions at all times. I sometimes feel nostalgic, happy, restless, angry all at the same time. A different feeling assigned to a different aspect of my life. But every piece of work I am assigned gives me only one feeling, that of excitement! It feels as though I have developed a dual personality, like is it possible to be a patient person by nature but an impatient driver?

What makes a good copywriter? Is it the idea, the insight or the intelligence? Sometimes you come up with a fantastic idea but it fails. Sometimes you are in sync with the consumer’s emotions and feelings but are unable to convince them. And sometimes you intelligently club a bright idea with insight but still fail to succeed. So, copywriters are expected to have multiple talents:

  1. One needs to be patient while conceptualizing not while executing.
  2. Be able to criticize other work and withstand criticism on own work as well.
  3. Find a way to relieve frustration, vent out anger and dissolve stress.
  4. Strive for perfection even it means to rewrite, rethink and recreate the same a 100 times.
  5. Observe people, places, activities; scan a situation and make an ad out of it.
  6. Get lost in a trance of creativity but realize the value of time.

As said by Yaro Starak, “Personality is a point of differentiation no one can copy.” It is what differentiates you from the crowd. But sometimes you have to step outside of the person you’ve been, and remember the person you were meant to be, the person you wanted to be, the person you are.

TV’s Best Love Confessions


Love is funny, cute, annoying, trivial, endearing, heavy yet vital. We experience different stages and shades of love through our lifetime. Sometimes it seems difficult to unveil the true feelings that are buried deep inside, but sharing those feelings with the right person is a crucial part of being in love.

This video is for all those in different phases of love, don’t think hard just go with the flow and say it if it feels right. Trust your instincts or they will go away.