Boys will be boys!


From childhood, I have always had more friends who are boys than girls. And over the years I have observed that a girl qualifies to being a wife, mother, aunt and many other portrayals. But boys always remain boys!

At any age, they always get excited about three things: girls, toys and food. At my work place which is dominated by the male gender, I notice that whenever there is a new girl, a new gadget or even food incoming, all the men get super excited and swarm around like bees around honey. It creates such a buzz, and at that time nothing else matters to them. At all times all that boys think about is which girl, which toy or what food they can get their hands on.

Boys never grow into leaving or obsessing over their mothers. My boy friends are closer to their mothers than my girl friends. While most girls are not even that close to their fathers as well. I wonder maybe that is the reason why girls are the ones who move out of their home after getting married, obviously the other reason being the big fat male ego ( which is probably the only thing about boys that grows).

When boys get into a fight, it is only as serious as who gets another round of drinks, who gets to play the next game of FIFA on the xbox, whose going to eat the last piece of sausage on the plate, who looked at whose girlfriend and so forth. And mostly the fights never pass the one day limit. Also maybe becauseĀ  they probably never end up remembering the next day.

So, while I thought growing up was something thatĀ happened automatically as you got older; it turns out it’s something you have to choose to do. When we are young, we all can’t wait to grow up. And once we do, we wish never we hadn’t. Although however old I get, I ll try not lose the childish charm in me. It’s what helps me to be guilt-free even after being clumsy or irresponsible or even eating a tub of ice-cream. It’s what helps me to act silly around my friends and not care about the world sometimes. It’s what helps me bring a smile on someone’s face. It’s what helps me retain that spark in my life and let go from the monotony of life.

Live, love, laugh and sometimes it’s alright to be a little childish in life.