Mass-ked Reactions


We constantly tend to judge the people around us and yet incessantly seek for others approval.

We invariably expect people to be fearless while we hide ourselves in the caves of vexation.

We eventually end up waiting for things that mean something to us but instantly lose patience that concerns others.

We perpetually approach life negatively but advice people to have a positive attitude towards life.

We repeatedly portray ourselves as progressive radical beings however parochial we are.

We unceasingly make mistakes big or small yet still feel handicapped to forgive someone else’s impropriety.

We consistently challenge people about their feelings although fall loss of words when asked likewise.

We unconsciously wear a mask of hypocrisy whilst fighting the battle for righteousness and sanity.


The year that was…


Another year over. Another end to a new beginning. Another disguise for old mistakes. Another chapter now part of history. Here is looking back at a year that was packed with risks, lessons, betrayal, love, hope, smiles, decisions, choices, moments, answers, questions…a year that was an experience.

January: Stay strong

You will always have friends around you, but sometimes even enemies can be disguised as friends.

January taught me to be strong and to be able to stand up for myself. Because sometimes, you are the only one who can help yourself.

February: Stay inspired

Appreciation follows one who truly deserves it. No matter how hard you try to dodge it, if it belongs to you, it will come around.

February taught me that no matter how hard people try to steal from you, they can never rob you off from what you truly deserve. The mantra is to remain inspired. To enjoy what ever you do, and if you don’t then don’t do it.

March: Stay patient

There is a golden thread of time that crosses every person once in the day, no one knows when or where it happens, the key is to keep wishing what you truly want and it is most likely to come true some day.

March taught that if you remain patient good things, good people and good times will come along your way. It was one of the best month’s in the entire year, including the part that my birthday falls in this month.

April: Stay confident 

Confidence is not about having all the answers, but being open to any question.

April taught me that anxiety will get you no where. If I had to do something well, I had to be confident that I could. For the first time in my life, I wrote my exams without panicking and still managed to ace it.

May: Stay calm

When you make a decision, the next step is to wait till it shapes up.

May taught me that things don’t always go the way you planned them to, because it only means that there was always something better planned. I got my heart broken, my career diverted and had results awaiting. Next thing I know, life had a better plan.

June: Stay true

True to your family. True to your friends. True to your dreams. True to yourself.

June was a difficult month. Everything changed but still remained the same. Coming back home seemed like a nightmare soon turned luxury. It taught me to accept life for what it is rather than what it wasn’t.

July: Stay spirited

Enjoy every moment that you have with all you have till you have.

July taught me that you don’t always need somebody to enjoy life. It was the time I was taking a break from life, when I spent most of my time exploring things I have always wanted to do, reading books waiting on my shelf, watching movies back to back, discovering what I wanted from the next few months of my life and in the process spent some quality time with myself.

August: Stay focused

One can do anything, but not everything.

Sometimes you needed to distance yourself to see the bigger picture more clearly. But August was the time to act on the decisions made and remain focused on them. It taught to continue following my dream no matter how hard people try to divert it.

September: Stay passionate

When you are passionate about something; when, where, what, who, why don’t matter.

After the long wait, I finally cracked a job in September, even though it wasn’t what I wanted. But at the end of the day, I was following my dream, my passion for creative writing. As long as I got to write, it didn’t matter when and where it was.

October: Stay grateful

Gratitude turns what you have into enough.

October taught me that what ever happens, family stays with you always. I was grateful for the loving and supportive family I have. I always thought that being independent meant living alone. Till I realized that independence is only enjoyed when it is backed with happiness, which comes from being with your loved ones.

November: Stay devoted

Devotion is not being truthful to your religion but being thankful to God in any form.

November helped me realize the meaning and value of true devotion. I felt closer to God, being mentally and spiritually at peace. It was the month of finding answers that always laid within.

December: Stay determined

We only regret the chances we didn’t take. But when life gives a second chance, don’t think of it as fate.

December taught me to take risks in life, that it is alright to make mistakes in life. Most likely there is nothing you can possibly lose, because if it is lost then probably it was not meant to be there in the first place. In life, things aren’t always what they appear to be, sometimes you need to take a risk, explore it and chances are it will leave you amazed!