The World As I See It


People see places
They see the world as rich and poor
Some see it as black, some as white
I see no line that divides.

Around the world we go
Combat cultures, savour the flow
Live the life of others
It’s nice for a day or so.

The world is no black or white
It’s no big or small
Nor despicable or frightful
It’s part artistic, part adroit.

Once you enter such a world
You leave the exit far behind
If you happen to come across a door
It’s your chance to magnify.

In my mind…


There is a question in my mind,
That I am unable to strike;
There is a question in my mind,
Unable to revive.

There is a doubt in my mind,
Ringing each day twice;
There is a doubt in my mind,
It’s on me that it resides.

There is a fear in my mind,
Terrorising my time;
There is a fear in my mind,
Sleeping soundly tonight.

There is a friction in my mind,
Charging my thoughts infinite;
There is a friction in my mind,
Sometimes too powerful to define.

There is a storm in my mind,
Beginning to come alive;
There is a storm in my mind,
Here to destroy each twine.

There is a barricade in my mind,
To jump, to survive;
There is a barricade in my mind,
As mighty as a knight.

There is a question in my mind,
Tangled top-to-toe inside;
There is a question in my mind,
Yet to unravel in time.

Daily Prompt: Happily Ever After


Ask most people what they want out of life and the answer is simple…to be happy. Maybe it’s this expectation though, the wanting to be happy, that just keeps us from ever getting there. Maybe the more we try and will ourselves to states of bliss, the more confused we get. To the point where we don’t recognize ourselves. Instead we just keep smiling, trying like hell to be happy people we wish we were.

I am very happy with my life. I am very happy with my journey till here as well. I have made mistakes, I have made bad decisions, I have had my downside but I am happy for it because that is what has got me to the state I am in at the moment. I used to constantly expect more from my life, I was never content with what I have ever. Every time I achieved something, the moment of happiness used to be short lived and time again think that I haven’t done much in my life. There is so much more to see, to know, to learn, to accomplish, how am I going to do all that? In the bargain I lost my happy moment lamenting over something yet to happen. Challenges definitely help me grow, become a better person, live a happier life. Only when I go ahead with a challenge do I realize the true motive of going through with it. And if I end up embracing a challenge for too long, not wanting to let go of the happy state. That’s when the happiness gets replaced by expectation and eventually remorse.

But now, I have realized that happiness is not in the number of challenges one takes or the tougher the challenges one is put through. Happiness is something that has been there all along, not in our dreams or hopes, but in the known, the comfortable, the familiar. Hence it is wrong to say, do what makes you happy. But instead say, live what keeps you happy.


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No Women, No Cry.


Today, I am so angry at all the men, actually more than angry I am disgusted. It hurts the way they seem to look down upon us. I don’t know if it is the strength of man or the fear to defend is what makes us women feel frail. I feel the truth is, it’s the unsafe environment that has made women weak. After reading about the tormenting gang rape incident on a public bus in Delhi, it made me wonder if I was on that bus, would I be able to save her? Would I be able to defend her or fall a victim along with her? Why is it that the woman has to bear the grunt of something that was not even her fault and the actual culprits get to walk around with their heads high.

It’s loathsome how every woman in the world at some point of the day in some sort of way experiences or is exposed to degradation or humiliation because of her gender, be it at her workplace, home, friends circle, family or even public places. I don’t understand what pleasure men get out of doing such things, it is inhumane. Is it the poor morale and upbringing or the lack of education or just the thrill of the act that makes people do such ruthless acts? I feel people seem to have lost the fear of committing a crime that involves atrocities over women in our country. It is time that we get together, rise against this evil and take stringent action. Because…

Just because I am a woman, doesn’t give you the right to treat me like I am stupid and futile. We definitely are more patient, sensible and benevolent than men.

Just because I am a woman working in a male dominated environment, doesn’t give you the right to mock behind my back. If you consider yourself man enough, say it on my face!

Just because I am a woman driver, doesn’t mean you cross my car like a black cat right when the signal is green.

Just because I am a women, doesn’t mean I have to live with my husband’s family. We can both move out and live together and each be financially independent.

Just because I am women, don’t mistake my tolerance for my weakness. We are like that calm wave which when triggered can destroy you.

Just because I am a woman, you don’t get to point your finger at me for your own mistakes and then make me feel guilty about it.

Just because I am a woman, doesn’t give you the right to use your physical strength over me. If you have the balls, beat the shit out of someone your own size. If men have so much strength, why don’t they ever defend a person in trouble. Raise your standards before you raise your hand at me.

Just because I am a woman who supports other women, doesn’t mean I am a lesbian. When will men ever stop being childish. I believe in progress, which does not happen with the development of one gender, one race, one caste or one person alone.

Just because I am a woman, doesn’t mean we cannot have carnal desires. We at least don’t go around molesting, humiliating and killing people because of it.

Just because she is a woman, do not undermine, suppress or torment her. Because she is strong, she is beautiful, she deserves better.

As said by Margaret Thatcher, “If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman.”

So girls, let’s wash away the pain, wipe those tears, clean up the heartbreaks and toast to a life with freedom, respect and power.

We, the people.


Power is when your one thought can transform someone’s life. 

Barkha Dutt

Power is when your one action can instigate a change in the society. 

Anna Hazare

Power is when your one command can put an entire city to a standstill. 

Bal Thackeray

Power is when your one move can make the entire nation jump in joy. 

Sachin Tendulkar

Power is when your one life leaves an everlasting impact. 

Mahatma Gandhi

Power is not money. Power is oneself.

Shhhh….I’m thinking…


It’s true that ideas have moods. But no clever idea has ever been born in a quiet dark room (except the light bulb maybe), because ideas come from experiences of life, from exploring new ways in life, from life. In advertising, everyone has an opinion and idea about everything. There may be correct ones, smart ones, funny ones; but only the ones that sell are right. As a copywriter, you need to be able to sell the experience and feeling of the product rather than the product itself. As said by ad genius David Ogilvy, “The consumer is not a moron, she is your wife.” My question is, does that make copywriters better husbands? They can juggle words well, handle stress and  time management, present something ordinary in an extraordinary manner and they definitely know the trick to recreate magic from something old.

No one understands feelings better than a copywriter, which is why they are always packed with a mixed bag of emotions at all times. I sometimes feel nostalgic, happy, restless, angry all at the same time. A different feeling assigned to a different aspect of my life. But every piece of work I am assigned gives me only one feeling, that of excitement! It feels as though I have developed a dual personality, like is it possible to be a patient person by nature but an impatient driver?

What makes a good copywriter? Is it the idea, the insight or the intelligence? Sometimes you come up with a fantastic idea but it fails. Sometimes you are in sync with the consumer’s emotions and feelings but are unable to convince them. And sometimes you intelligently club a bright idea with insight but still fail to succeed. So, copywriters are expected to have multiple talents:

  1. One needs to be patient while conceptualizing not while executing.
  2. Be able to criticize other work and withstand criticism on own work as well.
  3. Find a way to relieve frustration, vent out anger and dissolve stress.
  4. Strive for perfection even it means to rewrite, rethink and recreate the same a 100 times.
  5. Observe people, places, activities; scan a situation and make an ad out of it.
  6. Get lost in a trance of creativity but realize the value of time.

As said by Yaro Starak, “Personality is a point of differentiation no one can copy.” It is what differentiates you from the crowd. But sometimes you have to step outside of the person you’ve been, and remember the person you were meant to be, the person you wanted to be, the person you are.