Back to Basics


Keep it simple silly, just like Tata Docomo’s advertising campaign; advertisers today believe in making ads with a simple thought to promote the products. A basic idea executed in a thoughtful manner is more powerful than an extra-ordinary idea with no connection to the product. With the average consumer accessing content through hi-tech digital media, the advertisers believe in keeping the message simple and effective. In my two years of experience in this industry I have learnt that if you want to sell a diet you cannot leave out the calories. It is all about vanilla advertising today!

Recently, I was thinking of a television commercial idea for a premium tea brand. I began brainstorming and ideating, trying to think out of the box. In the end, the idea that eventually got selected was a conventional concept blending an emotional element into it. It was an ordinary everyday moment of a lady making tea for herself and her husband whilst enjoying the finer moments of life, such as the rain playing games with nature, serenity in the air with thoughts pouring like poetry, complemented with a perfect cup of tea for a refreshing experience.

For some reason even though I am a writer from the new era, I like the traditional outlook more. I like using pen over laptop, I like print over digital media, I like simple over complex. Although I know it is important to keep abreast with the changing world, but the challenge lies in using the digital platform to communicate a traditional concept.

Some of the brands that I feel have used vanilla advertising effectively are:

A personal favourite of mine, is the ad campaign run by Flipkart which is definitely praiseworthy. A simple concept executed in an excellent manner. The idea of using children, to imply that using Flipkart is a child’s play couldn’t get more honest, funny and straight-forward.

Raymond is one the few brands that have retained their original theme since the beginning, just recreating it in different ways. The emotions and relations have remained the same which is why the brand connects well with the people.

Moreover, using minimum characters in the ad has maximum impact on the viewer, for instance in the Tanishq commercials. It is a usual conversation between a husband and wife or mother and daughter while tweaking the moment with an unusual touch; endorsing the product in a palpable yet cogent manner.

Do share your favourite ad below.