X-Men: The Last Stand


Someone once told me, we are not cut out for this society.

I believed I was adjusting fairly until the force started to pull me towards it.

I definitely wasn’t from this world.

Although, their understanding was beneath mine.

The rituals, the obligations, the wastage of resources, mostly the mind was beyond mine.

I couldn’t cope up with it, I felt the need to release my thoughts somewhere, I wanted to feel free.

A few comprehended my disguised thoughts, others defeated it.

The fight of a mutant is not one without disadvantages.

But, it had begun!

Passage of time


Follow the stars,

Or follow the might.

Life is a wistful journey,

One that never ends.

Each day is layer of wisdom enveloped,

With insights we wish we had earlier in life.

Life is a learning process,

One that never ends.

Mysteries being unraveled,

The doors of perception wide open.

Life is a cynical quest,

One that never ends.

Signs are all around us,

The ones you see are ones that matter

Life is a game of chance,

One that never ends.

We leave love to destiny,

Still playing the cards of hope.

Life is full of random trysts,

One that never ends.

Few words can tell a whole,

Many thoughts can stir a whirl.

Life is a complex cruise,

One that never ends.

The wait can be long,

Answers hidden deep inside.

Life is a passage of time,

One that unfolds every now and then.