Why Travel?


Journey to a new place, for me, is like the best kind of love affair; where you learn a new language to express your love, where you seize who you are, who you’re in love with, where sometimes lose track of where you’re going but still carry on for the thrill and adventure, and where with every journey begins a love story, some classic, some great and some which last forever. For all you know, it doesn’t even matter if the story has been written before, because no two love stories can ever be the same.

Journey to a foreign land, for me, is like a quest for the unknown, where we travel in search of both self and anonymity. We battle between who we are and who we should be, where we are and where we should be. We travel to lose ourselves, and sometimes to find ourselves. As Pico Iyer sagely puts it, ” What we find outside ourselves has to be inside ourselves for us to find it.”

So, when I ask myself, why do I want to see the world? Why is it essential to go to a place, and then why write about it later? My head says, “Because I want to examine different cultures, experience different lifestyles, explore different opportunities, embrace different moments.” While my heart says, “Because I just want to try and find a piece of myself everywhere I go to put together one day.” I would say, a tourist is merely a person who complains, “It’s not the same as in my country.” Whereas a traveler claims, “It’s not the same anywhere I go.” Traveling is not a just a hobby or holiday, it’s a way of life. For this life I would travel everywhere, anywhere, sometimes again, and sometimes even if it means falling in love over a 100 times.

Today, my thoughts turn one.


Today, I complete one year of blogging.

One year of struggling to put my thoughts down on paper.

One year of rummaging for topics to write.

One year of self-discovery.

One year of mixed emotions.

One year of integrity & individuality.

One year of understanding my strengths & weaknesses.

One year of improvising, learning new tricks of writing.

One year of reading some very inspiring blogs.

One year of disseminating grief.

One year of sharing happiness.

One year of accumulating support from fellow bloggers, family & friends.

One year of being able to be me.

Time and tide wait for no one.


I wish I could go back in time,

read Gulliver’s Travel and The Last Leaf,

write letters and notices,

maybe even a few poetry with rhyme.


So often I wonder,

only if I had taken more time,

to understand grammar and punctuation,

check my spellings twice.


What if Shakespeare read my poetry,

I would have to disappear for a lifetime,

but before I do that,

at least peruse his work so fine.


I wish I could go back in time,

remember the words of Caesar,

fall in love with Frost,

not miss out precious years left behind.


This is in response to The Daily Post Challenge: Back to School

In my mind…


There is a question in my mind,
That I am unable to strike;
There is a question in my mind,
Unable to revive.

There is a doubt in my mind,
Ringing each day twice;
There is a doubt in my mind,
It’s on me that it resides.

There is a fear in my mind,
Terrorising my time;
There is a fear in my mind,
Sleeping soundly tonight.

There is a friction in my mind,
Charging my thoughts infinite;
There is a friction in my mind,
Sometimes too powerful to define.

There is a storm in my mind,
Beginning to come alive;
There is a storm in my mind,
Here to destroy each twine.

There is a barricade in my mind,
To jump, to survive;
There is a barricade in my mind,
As mighty as a knight.

There is a question in my mind,
Tangled top-to-toe inside;
There is a question in my mind,
Yet to unravel in time.

With what there is…


We live by the calmness of the night sky
To hear the frequency inside
Searching for the right words
Reigning over our mind.

We live by the might of time
Running towards destiny
Set upon the helm of life
Begins a journey, to fine.

We live by the mediocrity of choice
Compromising over scanty tries
Beyond a rife of chance we go
Making each step quantify.

We live by the words of deep trance
Exploring the reflections implied
Lost incognito identity
Dodging the return back to being.

We live by the soul of cosmic creation
Untying the string of hope
Traversing through miles
Into another world of our own.

You are what you eat!


Life is all candy outside
You bite it
The taste lingers a while
While you return to innocence

Too much is never enough
You crave it
Then it makes you sick
Only for a while though

Indulgence leads the way
You get high on it
Till the sugary rush mellows
Till reality hits you from below

Life is all candy outside
You live it
Coated with sweet dreams
With a dark filling inside.

Cleansing the mind


Monday afternoon, neck deep in work and my head just not ready to co-operate. I sit there trying to distract my mind by reading the freshly pressed, when suddenly my boss interrupts my thoughts. We discuss work for maybe 7 minutes after which he happens to tell me how important it is to dump your thoughts on paper to relieve frustration. “The only reason I survived this advertising industry is by maintaining a ledger of my thoughts” he says. I absolutely agree with him, because as the toxic thoughts vacate the mind it makes room for the creative ones to flow in. People often ask me why my posts are so sad and dark? If I am upset or depressed about something? Do I tend to write only when I am feeling low? And all sorts of questions. I guess I have finally found the appropriate answer or rather the right justification for the genre of my writing.

It’s not important that every individual follows this mechanism. But I am sure that with whatever intention a person writes, their minds and hearts must definitely feel lighter once they put the pen down. Because it’s not necessary that one feels heavy only when they are extremely sad or frustrated in life. Even when we feel overjoyed or over-excited about something we need to or rather want to share it with everyone and tend to get so restless and impatient till we do so. So bottled up happiness is equally cumbersome as bottled up frustration. All thoughts and feelings need to be let out, just at the right time and place.

Since predicting the right moment is certainly the most difficult to figure, writing is the best or rather the ideal way to dump down our thoughts. Plus just like dumping any other waste, thoughts don’t need to follow any rules or method. You can do it however you like. Sometimes you gather them for days and then throw them or sometimes you just do it on a daily basis. It all depends on your capacity and need to clean the mind. Once the toxic is out of the mind and into the word bin, there is no turning back and digging in. It’s out in the open ready to be recycled and probably few years down line, someone might think about the same thought a little differently.